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Biltwell Gringo blast shield, smoke

Ovh €24,70 - Ovh €24,70
€24,70 - €24,70
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Our laser-cut plastic flex shield covers the eye port on ECE-certified Gringo helmets to protect you from the elements. Polycarbonate plastic material resists impacts from flying road debris. The flat shields are easy to install in a snap by fastening it to the five snaps around the eye port on your Gringo helmet. Removes quickly for storage or cleaning. Use mild soapy water and a microfiber cloth only for cleaning. Provides 91% UV/A and 99% AV/B light resistance based on AATCC-138 test standard. Clear, smoke and chrome tints available.

ECE Biltwell Gringo size XS - XXL DOT Biltwell Gringo size L - 2XL