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NC Ranger Heavy Duty™ Windshield - Clear

Ovh €264,80 - Ovh €264,80
€264,80 - €264,80
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These Heavy Duty™ windshields feature the same quality materials and construction as the SwitchBlade® and Spartan® Windshields, but use a fixed fork mount kit rather than a quick release kit. The Ranger Heavy Duty™ cuts the slim profile to its limits for the rider who wants just a small shield. TheRanger Heavy Duty™ has a performance-oriented drag-style look. - Headlight cutout to top of the screen: 13.75-16.25" / 34.9-41.3cm - Width across back at widest point: 16.50" / 42cm - Quantum® hardcoated Lexan polycarbonate 4mm thick

Use 509570/35mm; 500294/39mm; 500236/41mm mount kit