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Kuryakyn XKursion XB Ambassador tail bag, black

Ovh €255,00 - Ovh €255,00
€255,00 - €255,00
Nykyinen hinta €255,00

A multifunctional tail bag with versatility, style, and convenience on or off-bike. The ultimate commuter bag for everyday riding or short overnight getaways. Features include a contoured bottom for the best fit on rear fenders or passenger seats and includes an integrated shoulder strap for off-bike transport. • Dimensions: 15" (38cm) wide x 15" (38cm) deep x 9.5" (24.1cm) high • Cubic Inches: 1.530 (25 liter) • Contoured and thermoformed bottom for strength, structure, and secure mounting • Integrated fixed shoulder strap stows away discreetly when not in use • Shoulder strap and wide grab handle offer easy transport off the bike • Side-mounted quick stash pockets for keeping smaller items organized • Built-in coat flap with adjustable G-Hook for quick and easy external storage