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Ilmainen toimitus yli 99 eur tilauksiin!
Ilmainen toimitus yli 99 eur tilauksiin!

Kuryakyn, Riot-X footpegs. Satin black

Hinta sisältää ALV24%.

With a contrast cut machined top surface to give additional traction and an even more agressive look than the regular Riot pegs. Provides excellent hold-on grip throughout extreme situations. Comes with a removable EPDM vibration rubber insert. Remove the insert for traction, install it for additional vibration dampening for long highway stretches. With the, separately available, splined adapters the optimum foot angle is adjustable. Manufactured from cast A380 aluminum. Note 1: Will style match other Riot products. Note 2: Model specific splined footpeg adapters are found in the adapter overview and must be purchased separately.