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Kuryakyn Prism+ Bluetooth controller

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The Prism+ Bluetooth Controller features 4 “zones” (2x front and 2x rear) that can run multiple colors and display modes simultaneously. The Kuryakyn Prism App is compatible with all iOS or Android mobile devices for quick and easy operation, offering infinite color options, customizable preloaded display modes as well as user-created custom display modes and more. Included with select Prism+ Core, Impact and Pro light kits, as well as all Orbit Prism+ 7" and 5-3/4" headlights. Available separately for installing Orbit Prism+ 4-1/2" Passing Lamps or any of Prism+ Pods, Flex-Strips, Flare or Roulette wheel lights that do not include a controller. Compatible with all Android or iOS operating systems. Controller max load output is 3200 mA, with no zone to exceed 1200 mA. Note: Not compatible with original Orbit Prism Headlights 567573 and 562770 or passing lamps 567577. PRISM+ APP FEATURES: Free downloadable app compatible with all Android or iOS devices. Ride Mode: Designates front zones as static amber, rear zones as static red. Rage Mode: Lights quickly cycle through colors in unison. Chase Mode: Lights “chase” across each zone, changing colors progressively. Chill Mode: Lights slowly change color in unison. Custom Mode: create personalized display modes and color sequences. Device microphone recognition for music syncing capability. Camera recognition for convenient photo color referencing.

Universal for any vehicle with 12V DC