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Kuryakyn Hex tupet 22mm / 7/8"

Ovh €122,00 - Ovh €122,00
€122,00 - €122,00
Nykyinen hinta €122,00

Satin black. Grip length 5" (12.7cm). A light barrel-shape contour make these grips fit your hands like a glove. Features a widened diameter for thumb, index, and middle fingers, and a tapered outer profile for ring and pinky fingers to match the natural hand shape. EPDM rubber for a soft vibration reduced ride. Removable end caps allow installation of in-bar mirrors. Note: Style matches the Hex line of accessories. Note: A throttle sleeve is not included and must be re-used or purchased separately.

Univ. for 7/8" (22mm) ohjaustankoihin