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Ilmainen toimitus yli 99 eur tilauksiin!

Kuryakyn, hex folding mini boards

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Satin black. Mini-boards that can be used passenger but also as rider boards, with the correct mounting adapter that are sold separately. Comes with a pivoting mechanism that allows you to fold-up and click in place when not used. Truly basic in design, but the quality is up there. Manufactured from strong but lightweight A380 aluminum with a vibration dampening non-hardening EPDM wear-resistant rubber insert. Approx. dimensions: 9" Long x 4-3/4" Wide (widest point). Note: Requires model-specific splined adapters (for H-D models, non-pivoting adapter style is recommended). These are sold separately.

All H-D (excl. 15-20(NU)XG Street rider position) with correct adapter