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Kuryakyn, custom rear turn signal&rekisterikilpi mount black

Ovh €125,70 - Ovh €125,70
€125,70 - €125,70
Nykyinen hinta €125,70

Satin black. Aluminum. Used to install Kellermann or custom turn signals with M8x20 threads. A direct replacement for the stock rear turn signal/taillight mount, or lets you remove the rear turn signals altogether if other custom lighting is being used. Compatible with stock or custom aftermarket license plate mounting brackets and reuses the OEM license plate light. Note: When used with Kellermann Atto, micro S or Rhombus S, separate purchase of 2x M8 x 20mm adapter stud 563156 is required. When used with Kellermann micro 1000, Micro Rhombus and Bullet 1000 or any other lights with M8 x 20mm mounting studs, no additional adapters are required.

Indian: 2018 Chief, 14-18 Chief Classic, 16-19 Chief Dark Horse, 14-20 Chief Vintage, 16-20 Springfield, 18-19 Springfield Dark Horse, 14-18 Chieftain, 18-20 Chieftain Classic, 16-18 Chieftain Dark Horse, 17-18 Chieftain Elite, 17-18 Chieftain Limited, 15-20 Roadmaster, 17-18 Roadmaster Classic & 18-20 Roadmaster Elite