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Chrome. Aluminum housings with premium EPDM rubber inserts for traction and vibration dampening Utilizes splined adapters that allow you to angle the pegs just how you want them Excellent and affordable alternative to forward controls or highway pegs Ordering note: Before ordering a footpeg, first find a splined adapter that fits your bike. This footpeg will only work with a splined mounting adapter. Mixing splined and tapered adapter designs will not work Note: Larger than stock. In passenger applications pegs may not fold up to stored position properly. Motorcycles with passenger peg mounts that angle to the rear accentuate the non-folding application.

OEM stock footpeg mount location (excl. rider position 15-20 XG Street).

Huom! Kuryakyn splined-adapterilla sopii lähes kaikkiin pyöriin.