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Electra Glide OEM style ohjaustanko 1" black

Ovh €88,20 - Ovh €88,20
€88,20 - €88,20
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Black finished steel. Dimpled. 08-up Electra Glide style with e-throttle. Approx. dimensions: 34.00" (86.4cm) wide x 5.75" (14.6cm) pullback x 9.75" (24.8cm) rise x 12" (43.2cm) base width x 3.50" (8.9cm) knurl width. Note: OEM model and years of the handlebar style, as mentioned, are to be used for style reference only and may not represent actual models/years. Sizes as mentioned are for reference only. Compatible with 1" diameter risers.. 08-21 FLHT, FLHX (e-throttle with Batwing fairing) with 1" I.D. risers