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By City Spring Man jacket camo

Ovh €189,40 - Ovh €189,40
€189,40 - €189,40
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By City Spring Man jacket, CE approved prEN17092-4: 2018 Level A, is designed for those days when the cold winter is finishing, when the leaves on the trees start to blossom, the spirit of bikers begins to wake up. It’s ideal for this kind of bikers to have a place for this garment in their wardrobes. It will provide you the necessary protection for this intermediate climate. Made of waxed, water proof and breathable cotton with removable “Flexishock” protections on elbows and shoulders certified EN1621-1: 2012 CE Level 2. It is prepared for the warmest days. It has 4 sealed zipper pockets, with its opening we will get an air flow that will cool your whole body.