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Biltwell, Exfil-3 bar bag black

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On the road you need space. Not too much, just enough to carry the necessities, and that is what the Exfil-3 bar bag is made for. Next you need to store the bag on the bike. What other place than against the risers? Perfect for compatibility with Club Style bikes with high rise risers or others with high bars. Apart from storage space you will benefit from serious wind-breaking features when hitting warp 3. In front is a vertical pocket and 7 Molle loops to attach stuff. Two organizing panels are found inside for smaller items, panels are removable to store larger things. Made from sturdy UV-treated 500 Tarpaulin PVC. Dimensions approx.: 6.75" (17.1cm) wide x 10" (25.4cm) high x 3.5" (8.9cm) deep.